Online Ulpan - Hebrew Training - Self Studies Advanced online system designed to bring you up to speed with Hebrew. Lessons and exercises including vocabulary, grammar, verbs, etc. Beginners and advanced.

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Hebrew Training - Your Online Hebrew Ulpan

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Practice Areas

  • Reading Improvement
  • Pronunciation
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Extended Vocabulary
  • Common Expressions
  • Verbs
  • Dialogs
  • Songs
  • And much more...

Available for English, French, Spanish and Portuguese speakers, Hebrew Training is an extensive online learning system that incorporates a wide range of lessons and exercises that will help you to achieve your goal of dominating the Hebrew language.

The system is structured in a way that allows each user to address their specific needs at the appropriate level of complexity, allowing you to grow at your own pace.

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Overall Details

Hebrew Training follows the curriculum of the Israeli Ulpan System. Available modules are:

About Ulpan

About the Israeli Ulpan System...

Practice Categories

A series of lessons about rules, grammar and other aspects of the language that will help you structure sentences correctly.

A set of exercises that will help you to improve your reading skills.

A large collection of exercises that will expand your vocabulary. These exercises are divided by groups like nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc. There are also scenario-directed exercises, like terms related to money, food, etc. This type of grouping allows you to prioritize and focus on these areas where you need more attention.

One of the strongest areas in Hebrew Training is related to verbs. A good knowledge of verbs, their structure and how to conjugate them is fundamental to fully understand the Hebrew language. Therefore, we have dedicated special attention to this topic, with a variety of exercises that include present, past, future and imperative.

Listening Comprehension
The listening comprehension exercises will help you get used to conversational Hebrew, more specifically with the listening part of it, so you can better understand when people talk to you.

If writing in Hebrew is part of your requirements, our writing exercises will help you to improve your writing skills. This is usually the case for those that need to learn a new language for work, like writing emails, reports, etc.

Learning Hebrew through songs is enjoyable and efficient, and it's an integral part of our curriculum. You will have a lot of fun with our exercises based on songs.

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Students' Comments

  • I'm loving this system! It is helping me tremendously. Thank you so much for everything. - H.B.
  • This is excellent. It's even better than my real regular classes... - B.V.
  • Well done! That's exactly what I needed! - F.N.
  • This training is helping me a lot with my vocabulary and pronunciation! - G.K


Hebrew Training is divided in modules following the Ulpan System in Israel.

Each module is comprised of lessons and exercises.
Lessons explain grammatical rules or introduce special words or expressions.
Exercises allow you to practice the language through the means you communicate with others, which are speaking, listening, reading, writing, etc.
Special attention is dedicated to learning verbs, which is a significant part of learning Hebrew.


Below is a summary of what is covered in each module

Beginners Module

  • Introduction to the Hebrew Alphabet
  • Focus on reading exercises
  • Basic vocabulary

Module 1 – Alef

  • Strengthen reading capabilities
  • Expanded vocabulary
  • Basic grammatical rules
  • Verbs in the present tense
  • Verbs in the infinitive

Module 2 – Alef Plus

  • Additional vocabulary
  • Sentences, dialogs, etc.
  • Additional verbs in the present tense
  • Verbs in the past tense

Module 3 – Bet

  • Continue to expand the vocabulary
  • Additional verbs in the past tense
  • Verbs in the future tense
  • Verbs in the imperative

Module 4 – Gimmel

Under development

Custom Modules

Depending on a student’s special requirements, we can put together modules that are specific to a given topic. Please contact us if you have special requirements.


About Ulpan

In Hebrew, the word Ulpan means studio, like a radio or TV studio. It is also used to refer to special schools where new immigrants acquire basic knowledge of Hebrew.

The plural of Ulpan is Ulpanim.

Public Ulpanim

In Israel there are private Ulpanim and government (public) Ulpanim. New immigrants that are entitled to a special immigration aid package have the right to go to a public Ulpan for free for a limited amount of time.

The main challenges of public ulpanim are:


Classes include immigrants coming from a variety of countries, each one speaking his own language.
Classes include people of a variety of ages; younger people learn faster while older ones are slower.


The duration of the public ulpan program is limited, usually between 3 to 6 months depending on the number of classes per week, and the curriculum is quite long. The teachers need to cover the curriculum at a fast speed and some students struggle to follow along.

Private Ulpanim

Private Ulpanim are paid, can adjust their programs to a specific audience, and anybody can learn with them.

About Ourselves

You can consider ourselves as a private Ulpan. We offer anybody the opportunity to learn Hebrew online, with a curriculum that follows closely the one from the public Ulpan. Our modules are Beginners, Alef, Alef Plus, Bet and Gimmel.

By being online and available 24X7, it allows you to learn at your own pace, at your own convenience, regardless of where you are.

For the new immigrants

Our system is available to anyone interested in learning Hebrew. For those planning to make Aliyah, or already living in Israel, consider the following:

Before going to the public Ulpan

Use our system to start learning Hebrew before going to the Ulpan. This will help you copping with the pace once you start the public Ulpan.

Already doing a public Ulpan

You could benefit from our lessons and exercises as a complement to your Ulpan

You interrupted your public Ulpan

This is a common scenario. Some students end up interrupting their Ulpan for many reasons, like incompatibility of the ulpan schedule with their work schedule, or simply because they were not able to follow the intensity of the classes. If this is your case, you are not alone, and there are alternatives. You can use our system to catch up and continue learning Hebrew at your own pace.

After the Ulpan

Once you finished the Ulpan, to continue practicing is important. During the public Ulpan the teachers need to rush; with our system you can review and learn things at your own pace and continue to grow.