About Hebrew Training Learn Hebrew from the comfort of your home. Choose from private classes, small group virtual classes or self studies. Advanced online system designed to bring you up to speed with Hebrew. Lessons and exercises for reading, listening comprehension, dialogs, and much more.

About Hebrew Training

Hebrew Training started as a project to help new immigrants to learn the Hebrew language. Created by an immigrant itself while taking Hebrew classes at an Ulpan in Israel, he realized that his classmates were struggling to keep pace with the Ulpan and additional help would be beneficial.

The initial approach was to create a system to help students practicing the language through an extensive set of exercises. Since then the system evolved steadily to become a full fledged Hebrew Training facility including online options that range from self studying to private classes and group classes. Today Hebrew Training is being used by students around the world to learn Hebrew.

Hebrew Training covers reading, writing, listening comprehension, dialogs, verbs, an extensive vocabulary and much more. Topics are classified by level of complexity allowing each student to progress at its own pace.

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