Free Hebrew Lessons

Here you can find a collection of lessons that will introduce you to the Hebrew language.

These lessons are a small sample of the tutorials available in our "Hebrew Training" online system, where all tutorials are followed by a comprehensive set of exercises.


Learning a new language requires a lot of practice to help you assimilate the language. This is why our "Hebrew Training" system includes an extensive set of exercises following each tutorial.

If you are serious about learning Hebrew then we strongly recommend you to get one of our subscriptions. Not only will you get access to a large set of exercises, but our system will help you keeping track of what you already learned, what needs to be reviewed and much more.

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List of Free Lessons

Below are the links to our lessons. This is just a small sample of the tutorials available in "Hebrew Training". To subscribe click here.

Part 1 - Hebrew Alphabet

Getting Started Start

      An introduction to the Hebrew Language and its alphabet

Hebrew Vowels and Consonants Start

      Adding vowels, consonants and words to your knowledge

More Vowels and Consonants Start

      Introducing a few more consonants and words

Hebrew Alphabet - Conclusion Start

      After this lesson you should be able to read any Hebrew word

Part 2 - Simple Sentences

Word Order Start

      How nouns and adjectives are put together

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