About Hebrew Training Learn Hebrew online through well designed tutorials and exercises for reading, listening comprehension, dialogs, etc. Learn at your own pace wherever you are.

About Hebrew Training

Hebrew Training is part of Language Trainings which specializes in teaching foreign languages.

Hebrew Training started as a project to help new immigrants in Israel to practice their knowledge of Hebrew while learning at a Ulpan.

Based on the success of helping such students, Hebrew Training gained the interest of a larger audience, which motivated us to evolve its content as well as expand our technology to other languages.

Language Trainings is considered one of the most comprehensive online training systems available in the market. Our content is divided by categories and levels of complexity, allowing you to start from the level that you are more comfortable with, as well as focusing on the areas that are most important to you. For example, some people need to focus more on developing their reading skills while others need to focus on vocabulary or verbs.

Hebrew Trainings can be used by those that are starting from scratch and by those that already have some initial knowledge and want to improve their skills.

Our main objective is helping people to learn Hebrew. Recognizing that each individual has their own needs, requirements and preferences is one of the top priorities in everything we do.

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